Welcome to SameDayGas

SameDayGas is a unique online platform that connects buyers and sellers and gives them access to real time quotes for their same-day gas transactions.

We are currently signing up companies to form part of the SameDayGas market. We will be announing our launch date over the next few weeks.

Why did we create SameDayGas?

Natural gas traders know how hard it is to secure fair prices for their same-day physical gas trades but SameDayGas has found a way to do just that.

If you like the quote that we have provided to you or if you will provide your own quote, just submit an order and SameDayGas will look for a counterparty for your transaction.

The orders you submit using the SameDayGas platform are concealed so your potential counterparties have no reason to drive up their selling prices or drive down their buying prices.

Transactions conducted using the SameDayGas platform generate a matching fee of 0.01 USD/MMBtu. ($0.005/MMBtu each to Seller and to Buyer).

Simply put, we help you find better prices for your trades so you can avoid the burden of having to buy high and sell low through other same-day gas markets.

For more information about how SameDayGas works, download our presentation here.
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